Project Description
SharePoint 2010 Service Application framework, containing the infrastructure for easy OCR processing of PDF files in lists. A OCR component is not included.

SharePoint 2010 PDF Conversion Service Application Framework

The purpose of this project is to build a SharePoint 2010 Custom Service Application framework that can be extended to use difference 3rd party components for easy and scalable conversion of PDF-files (or other files types). The original use case of the framework was to be able to OCR process image only PDFs directly from a document library or as part of the upload process.

The solution contains everything needed to setup a service application for this purpose. It does however, in its current state, not included a working OCR component as good components are proprietary, but the code can easily be extended to use any .net compatible OCR component.

The solution contains a OCRProcessorWebPart that can be used to upload documents to document libraries and have them processed by the service application before they put in the library. Also the context menu on items in document libraries is extended with a new menu option "OCR Pdf", which can be used to create a OCR processed copy of an already uploaded document.


  1. Check out the source and build the solution
  2. Deploy the solution and activate the farm feature SJKP.PDFConversion Install OCR Service, this will install the service instance on the local farm
  3. Start the OCR Service on those servers in the farm where the service is to run
  4. Create a new OCR Service Application
  5. Activate the Site-Collection feature SJKP.PDFConversion OCRProcessorWebpart on those site-collections where you want to use the webpart
  6. Activate the Site feature SJKP.PDFConversion Install Custom PDF Conversion Action on those webs where the context menu should be available.


20-10-12: Initial release

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